Welcome and Introduction

I first began reading the Tarot almost 40 years ago, and have found that as I grow, and learn about life, creativity, and human potential, so my understanding of the Tarot archetypes expands along with my consciousness. 

Beginning with the Fool and concluding with the World or Cosmos, we embark upon the path of the Tarot Trumps, as a means to access our powerful Creative Consciousness. 

As a divination tool the Tarot is rich with opportunities to explore the human condition and raise consciousness. Layered with symbolism, each card can be ‘read’ on many levels. 

The deck I have chosen to use as the reference for the audio course is the B.O.T.A. Tarot. I chose this as it contains a richness of symbolism that is most satisfying to explore. It is similar to the widely recognized Rider/Waite/Smith deck which is referred to in the written essays.

My intention is to provide for a variety of possible learning paths. The black and white images provided can be printed and coloured in as a meditation. There is a link below to the B.OT.A. website should you wish to order this deck or the downloadable images at a very reasonable cost. 

You may chose to approach the cards in sequence or explore them as a way into your deeper subconscious by randomly choosing a card and diving into its symbolism until you see how it is speaking to the magic running through your life. 

The important thing is to try to see how the archetypes operate for you, through you, and out in the world you are co creating. It is clear that the Tarot is so much more than fortune telling; it is a divination system, a symbolic language that speaks to us on a Soul level, and connects us with Spiritual essence, and the wisdom of the ages. 

I welcome you, and invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Tarot, and discover your  personal relationship with these powerful transformational images.  Prepare to embrace your Powerful creative consciousness as we navigate the realm of possibilities on this magical “Fools journey”. 

Alison Skelton (She/Her)
Priestess of 13th House, 
Elder Witch and Educator in the Sacred Arts