Lesson 2: The Scroll

A silver crown covers her intuitive third eye. It is made up of the three faces of the moon representing the waxing and waning cycles of energy and of life, as well as the triple goddess and the creative, formative and material worlds. Rhythms and cycles are the crowning principles of her mental and psychic activity.

A scroll with the word TORA meaning “The Law” is held half tucked away under her robe. This sacred document contains all the hidden mysteries of life, and is a symbol of conscious enlightenment. It contains all that is, has been and will be. The present moment is the portion we see revealed in her lap, and the past & future are hidden in the rolls at either end. She has access to all of the mysteries of time yet remains present in the power of the moment.

Her left (intuitive) hand is revealed which tells us that her creative intuitive nature is her primary operative state. Her right hand, concealed, tells us that her linear, rational consciousness is less active, although always available for a quick consult.