Lesson 7: Self-exploration – questions about The Fool.


  1. Try to notice the moment just before you speak, act, or begin something. Is there a space you can ‘feel into’, that for a brief moment is free from expectation of outcome? How does this help you access the lightness of being? 
  2. Can you think of someone who is seen as foolish, and can you see what they have gained through their foolish stance, actions or voice?
  3. Where have you sacrificed or denied your inner fool in order to appear more reliable, conventional or acceptable? 
  4. If you could wipe the slate clear and re-invent yourself with every blink of your eyes, where would the need for time begin? 
  5. Where do you embrace risk and where do you resist it? Why do you think this is so? What will it take for you to step into what’s next?

Feel free to share your answers in the Tarot Discussion group.