Lesson 5: The Fool Card in a reading

The meaning of a tarot card in a reading is affected by both its position, and by the cards around it. Mastering this complexity takes time. Sit with a spread for as long as you need. Get a feel for the cards and imagine how they might influence each other, and what their position might indicate.

The Fool: In a Reading:

  • A small step can lead to big change.
  • You must be willing to take risks if you wish to move forward.
  • Take a leap of faith in yourself.
  • Trust that you are where you need to be. 
  • Impulsive action, if driven by pure spirit will not let you down.
  • Being in the perfect present. (Be here now)
  • Putting the past behind you and not projecting into the future 
  • Spiritual freedom.
  • The fool can represent the trickster or joker aspect of a person or dynamic, for he is not as he appears to be.
  • Jump in and free fall and see where it lands you.
  • Be true to your soul and you will be reborn.
  • The absence of fear, guilt, burden.

The Fool card does not have a fixed place in the sequence of the major arcana; he can turn up anywhere and move us to a new level of understanding or experience at any time.