Lesson 1: Threshold of Consciousness

The High Priestess presides over the veiled entrance to the great mysteries of the Psyche as we embark on our sacred inner journey towards conscious revelation.  

The High Priestess’ Posture:

She sits in a passive meditative state, her vision introspective yet all encompassing, allowing a depth of understanding that surpasses the mundane. Her Sovereign Soul is in communion with itself, her sacred energies self contained. She holds much of her psychic power in reserve so she can maintain a steady flow of consciousness. If all of her power is loosed at once it will take a long time to build up a charge again 

She wears a robe of indigo blue reminiscent of deep ocean water. It flows from her robe as an endless stream of consciousness, a conduit for psychic energy. Memories and visions are carried via these waters, flowing from one life to the next, or from one unseen realm into another, and back again with no regard to linear time.   

Over her heart is an equal-armed cross, indicating the union of opposites and the intersection of the spiritual and material realms. It is a symbol of wholeness, equilibrium and completion.