Lesson 1: The Divine Deep Breath

The Divine Deep Breath

The Fool represents the divine deep breath we take just before we leap into the void of the unknowable future. His number zero is symbolic of freedom of spirit, like the space that is created when we let go of the past and allow the future to be a mystery. He is the Self as a consciousness of lightness, space and stillness fully expressed in the present moment. He represents the impulse of the creator on the verge of creation; the awakening of pure potential.

The Fool is the Genius (masculine) or Juno (feminine) meaning “Soul”, that emerges from the source of light. He has hatched from the Orphic egg like a newborn; naive and carefree. He travels oblivious to his surroundings, but carries on regardless of obstacles, not knowing where he will end up. He is on the verge of an abyss and about to fall into the unknown, yet has no sense of danger, and no hesitation. 

The white snapping dog or wolf (sometimes a crocodile) at his heels, urges him on. It is his helper, his Power Animal and ally, symbolizing pure instinct, which cannot misdirect us as long as it is unencumbered by the past, by ego projections, fears, and regrets. The dog is a faithful companion and is unleashed, free and master-less, and is therefore not restricted or limited by a need to resist or obey rules, nor is he bound by dogma, duty or obligation.