Lesson 4: The Soul Open and Unfurled

In his left (receptive feminine) hand, which is closest to his heart he holds a white rose, which is open and unfurled. This is his pure open soul, receptive and available, and exquisitely beautiful. He will have it always although he holds it lightly: it allows him absolute freedom of expression. It is also symbolic of the Virginal aspect of the Goddess. 

The sun in the upper right hand corner is the spiritual sun. It remains at 45 degrees and never descends, for the powers of the Soul-Self are always at their height and never diminish. When we are present, Illumination is always available. It also reminds us that we are beings of light and energy, and therefore there is a limitless source of energy available for transformation at all times. 

The Fool stands on the edge of a cliff, or mountain peak showing that he has gone as far as he can on his present path, and that he has completed a cycle. Since the Soul is always ready for the next new adventure, he is about to step into whatever happens next. The Fool is about to be transformed or reincarnated by the step he takes in creating a new realm of experience. He is a complete and unified person within himself, and he possesses the foolishness of the Divine, which is far greater than the wisdom of mankind. He gazes up into the realm of spirit rather than down to his feet. 

The mountain peaks behind him represent the spiritual achievements of his past journey that have formed a structure or foundation for his continuing journey. Their great height and violet color, crowned with white, symbolize the crown chakra and what lies beyond it, the magnificence of the spirit. The mountains are now like a protective wall, a spiritual womb, for the Fool is in the constant process of being reborn. Of course he needs some grounding energy to remind him to look after the physical body as it is the temple of his Soul. 

There are not extraordinary results without risk , after all it is risky being born, and risky exploring our Soul Self. The Fool is the innocent hero, who is focused on the values and principles that are his purest motivations. His intention is to move forward regardless of what comes next rather than being invested in the end result. In other words he is present in his process of life, rather than trying to achieve something specific or reach some predetermined destination. 

He is the pure and present embodiment of the Divine Life Force, Ego-less and free. He is God consciousness with no personal agenda.

To invoke the fool is to invite transformation, and let go of your attachment to form.