Lesson 5: The Magician card in a reading.

The meaning of a tarot card in a reading is affected by both its position, and by the cards around it. Mastering this complexity takes time. Sit with a spread for as long as you need. Get a feel for the cards and imagine how they might influence each other, and what their position might indicate.

  • Concentrated will. 
  • Creating your future using the tools you have been given.
  • Strength of will.
  • The expansion of the personality.
  • The ‘Whole Self’ in action.
  • There is always enough energy available to get the job done.
  • A message to examine your intentions.
  • If you can identify your desire, then you can make it happen.
  • A willingness to get on with the job. 
  • Initiatives that will lead to success and triumph. 
  • Adaptability and versatility, 
  • Diplomacy and self-confidence. 
  • It can indicate the commencement of an important new cycle in the querent’s affairs. 
  • Organizational skill is also suggested. 
  • Someone who is skillful, wise, intellectually quick.
  • Youthful in approach; yet patient and deliberate.
  • Be sure you are using the best tools for the job.
  • Can you rely on the support being solid enough for the weight of the project.