Lesson 1: The Magician’s Tools

The Magician is an archetype of positive action, and Ego development; The awareness of self as a creative intelligent force. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are his tools of magic, and his raw materials. He takes all of nature into account as each element is essential to the process of creation.

The Magician’s Tools:

The Magician’s worktable elevates his elemental tools so he can access them more easily and impress us with his results. It is also a source of stability, supporting and protecting his mental and spiritual process. The Magician channels the fifth element of Spirit, and embodies all of five. When we honor nature we discover the truth of who we are in Spirit.

He holds a wand, representing his solar will in one hand, using it like a lightning or enlightening rod to attract and channel divine power. His other hand, forefinger pointing towards the earth, directs the energy into manifestation, as if to say “As above so below”.  

His relaxed stance reminds us that this need not take enormous effort on his behalf. If he can let go and be the channel that he is naturally, then the results will be aligned with the Universal will. All he needs to do is accept and receive the results as they are revealed.