Lesson 4: The High Priestess in a reading

The meaning of a tarot card in a reading is affected by both its position, and by the cards around it. Mastering this complexity takes time. Sit with a spread for as long as you need. Get a feel for the cards and imagine how they might influence each other, and what their position might indicate.

In a Reading: The High Priestess

  • Stay well hydrated, while doing psychic work.
  • Developing your psychic potential.
  • Raising awareness.
  • Feminine intuition.
  • Women’s mysteries.
  • Conserve your energies.
  • Practice silence. 
  • Mysteries are revealed through unusual sources: dreams, visions, etc.
  • A deep understanding of the situation.
  • Potential not yet realized.
  • Subtle Communication – telepathy. 
  • An Un-revealed future, the great Mystery.
  • The revealing of things which bring strength and hope. 
  • Intuitive insight into problems will suggest new solutions.
  • Spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination.
  • A caution not to speak of that which should be kept secret.

In an artist or innovator’s reading it could mean that this is the source of many of his/ her ideas, through intuition or inner vision.

In a man’s reading: he has found or should seek an understanding, wise feminine guide (perhaps within) to help reveal his mysterious nature to himself