Lesson 2: Managing Energetic Flow

As the energy flows through his energetic body it is like an amplifier. Whatever is within his system will filter the spiritual energy and influence its manifested form. If the system is blocked, or polluted by unconscious counter-intention, the results will reflect this. When we know ourselves well we can be clear about our desires, and act with integrity. Then our magic will manifest in a balanced and fruitful way.

Forcing, pushing, or trying to ‘manage it all ourselves’ may seem like a good way to maintain control, but will quickly burn out the system. There must be an open, unobstructed flow of energy. It must be able to go to ground to be discharged. 

The egoistic will, manifested without self-knowledge or conscience, is dangerous. It uses The Magician’s skill to bolster its own power. The Magician can then easily fall into the trap of thinking that he is alone in his experience of magic, transformation, or creative power. He may become convinced that he is doing the magic himself, with his will alone, when it is truly the life force flowing through him that is empowering his creative intention.