Three categories of ‘reality’ in Dion Fortune’s Applied Magic. I have been surprised through my re-reading […]
It is still dark now, I have the candles lit – awaiting the dawn. There won’t […]
Collective enchantments & reality selection Further readings in ‘Applied Magic’. Group-Mind is a concept that, as […]
First, in order to answer that question, one would need to define what magic is… We, […]
written by guest contributor: Verna Sorrentino In the late Middle Ages, witch-hunting fever swept across Europe. […]
by guest contributor: Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju Figures evocative of the human family seated at the base […]
by guest contributor: Alison Skelton This is a time of thresholds; we move from light to […]
I would have had the apple off the tree even without the serpents encouragement; I believe the benefits of eating forbidden fruit far outweigh the drawbacks.
This is the first chapter of the forthcoming book ‘The Witch’s Wheel’ written by Yvonne Owens […]
Many years ago I performed this blessing at an interfaith event at the Unitarian Church. There […]