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Representations of Witchcraft:

Journalist and 13th House Black Cord Priest John Threlfall interviews director Rama Rau about her new documentary Coven which follows three young witches setting out on their various paths. Watch out for the spectacular ritual conducted by witches in Romania. 

About The Cauldron: 

The Cauldron is an audio-zine, it is like a magazine for your ears. The Cauldron is made up of rotating formats, like a column in a newspaper or weekly digest. There will also be special events and bonus episodes when something comes up that falls outside of the weekly formats. The Cauldron is a perpetual experiment. It is a cauldron – all manner of witchy, magical and creative ideas enter – and then we have to see what emerges. 

Tarot Course:

The Essential Wisdom of the Tarot Keys is an audio-course. We recommend listening for the first time without any distractions. Lying down of just sitting and listening to really absorb the imagery evoked by each card. You can take course numerically, starting with The Fool, or listen to the lessons as they call you. This course includes:

  • 22 Audio lessons
  • 22 written lessons corresponding to each card.
  • Unlimited access while the course is offered on esbat.
  • Access to the Essential Wisdom discussion and study group.
  • Link to the private podcast so you can listen through your favourite podcast player.

$ 65 .00

esbat events:

esbat will host online debates and panel discussions, as well as presentations by artists, academics, and philosphers of witchcraft, magic, and foklore. We will explore topics in contemporary witchcraft and magic. If you want to share a topic for the Round Table, are interested in participating in a panel discussion, or want to be part of the ‘virtual studio’ audience; you can learn more about the events on esbat.tv/events. 






Esbat Blog

A collection of articles on magic, myth, and meaning.

The complex issue of colonial knowledge and culture. In our current social-media fuelled environment everything feels polarised; the medium itself seems to create binary thinking. […]
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It is still dark now, I have the candles lit – awaiting the dawn. There won’t be much of a sunrise this morning as we […]
Collective enchantments & reality selection Further readings in ‘Applied Magic’. Group-Mind is a concept that, as a primarily solitary-practitioner I have vastly under-explored. But I […]
Dion Fortune’s Applied Magic #2 “My experience with many esoteric scientists is this – they make a sort of intellectual study of it, but they […]
Dion Fortune’s Applied Magic I am preparing to do a podcast episode on Dion Fortune’s Applied Magic as part of the She Speaks Volumes series […]

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Esbat is an online meeting space for witches and for students of magic, myth, and meaning. Podcasts, videos, courses, lectures and live events foster discussion and exploration of contemporary pagan practices. Become a member participate in group discussions, take classes, or attend lectures and events.



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