Many years ago I performed this blessing at an interfaith event at the Unitarian Church. There were religious leaders from 5 other faiths, Anglican, Buddhist, Hindu, Unitarian and United Church. We were all gathered outside in the parking lot, and when it was my turn to bless the Bikes I asked that those who had bells or horns on their bikes stand by.

by guest writer Alison Skelton

I cast a circle of love and protection around all here who would join me in blessing these two wheeled steeds, our pedalled and motored friends, these supporters of our travels and adventures. And bless the riders also, who’s personal paths are so varied. Let us share the interconnecting roads and trails in peace and joy.

I call upon the spirits of the East,
Guardians of Air, place of strong heart and lung.
Make every journey a new beginning;
Send blessings of fair winds, and clear vision;
May these tires be ever filled with perfect pressure.

I call upon the spirits of the South,
Guardians of Fire, place of momentum and combustion.
Empower us to move forward with swiftness and ease;
May the warmth of the sun bring joy to every journey;
Fuel us with passion for the ride, and strength to burn.

I call upon the spirits of the West,
Guardians of Water, place of instinct and fluidity.
May these chains and gears be ever lubricated;
Keep us safe from slipping on slick wet roads;
And bless us with even tempers and calm responses.

I call upon the spirit of the North,
Guardians of Earth, place of structure and safety.
May these frames and forks be strong and never bending;
Protect us, and keep us present, and aware of the world around us,
And help us to honour the path we ride, wherever it leads.

I call upon the spirit of the Center,
Guardians of Ether, place of the spinning spoke and axle.
Gods and goddesses of transportation,
Of protection, and of joyful camaraderie, I call upon you.
Bless these bicycles and motorcycles, and their riders.
From above and below, from near and afar, from within and without,
Now and forever, from journeys beginning till journeys end,
may they be blessed, and blessed and blessed.

Now I will ask that we send this message of blessing into the Ether that it may be shared with all cyclists and their mounts throughout the world. Ladies and gentlemen, gods and goddesses, divine ones, ring your bells, honk your horns, and raise your voices!

By the Earth that is the path we ride,
By the Rains that often fall,
By the fire that warms us from inside,
And by the Air that surrounds us all,
This blessing is complete .
So be it
Blessed be.

Alison Skelton is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, community builder, and teacher of sacred arts. She has been practicing divination, spiritual healing, and energy work, within the context of Witchcraft and Shamanism since her own training began in 1977, as well as performing and facilitating regular seasonal and personal rituals and sacred ceremonies. Her work empowers clients and students to develop their personal spiritual authority and creative consciousness through direct communion with Spirit.



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