I would have had the apple off the tree even without the serpents encouragement; I believe the benefits of eating forbidden fruit far outweigh the drawbacks.
This is the first chapter of the forthcoming book ‘The Witch’s Wheel’ written by Yvonne Owens […]
Many years ago I performed this blessing at an interfaith event at the Unitarian Church. There […]
Guest posting written by: John Threlfall While Halloween is the time of year when movies about […]
What does it mean to enter into a circle, into a ritual and/or magical act with 'perfect love, and perfect trust'? And, is it really necessary?
As I was standing on the brink of my existential angst, about to throw my camera in the void and never pick up a mic again. I thought what does this world need, if not more media?? The answer was obvious. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE WITCHCRAFT...