The 13th House Mystery School has been teaching our Introduction to Witchcraft course since 1992. 

This is the first time we will be offering recorded courses for students and practitioners
outside of Victoria BC.

13th House is a creative eclectic tradition, formalized on the Autumn Equinox of 1993, with a focus on teaching, healing, and the arts. This course is a culmination of a great many years of collective experience and exploration of the Craft and reflects the diverse and rich variety of backgrounds and practices that the facilitators of the Tradition bring to the course

We selected six of the most popular classes for our initial online course: 

Is this class for you? Are you feeling a ‘calling’ to explore your magic and are ready to begin to build a foundation for your practice? If so, this class may be for you. Do you already identify as a witch, have experience working in circle alone or with a group? If so, this class may still be for you!

Course Topics and Learning outcomes

  • The Wheel of the Year: You will be given a diagrammatic ‘map’ of the traditional, 8-spoked Wheel of the Year as observed by Witches and Celtic Shamans. This will include the major seasonal fire-festivals; our seasonal cycle of celebrations and how they relate to the elements, directions, and astrological year.

  • Essential Beliefs, Values & Principles: You will be presented with an overview of the essential Beliefs, Values & Principles that lie at the foundations of Witchcraft and Celtic Shamanism as Earth centered Animistic belief systems.

  • Creating sacred space: You will learn of the various ways to create a safe and intentional container for working in circle and performing ceremony and ritual. Included will be a discussion of altars, energy clearing, and consecration of tools.

  • Ritual design and conduct: You will receive grounding in ritual conduct, ethics, and in-circle etiquette, as well as instruction in the various kinds of Rituals and their Psycho-Spiritual significance and purpose. A basic format for a simple ritual practice will be included.

  • Spell Making: An exploration into the art and craft of verbal and written spells and how they work. A discussion of various kinds of spells and their uses. An examination of the philosophy and logic inherent in spellcasting.

  • Moon-Lore: An introduction to the rich symbolism and meaning of the moon in witchcraft; and working with the moon in the study and practice of magic.

Please note: There are many traditions of Witchcraft. The term ‘Wicca’ refers to a Neo-Pagan religious movement, however we do not limit ourselves or others to this definition, which is why we prefer to use more inclusive terms and offer teaching and guidance within the context of Witchcraft and Shamanism. Each teacher may approach and define their practice differently and we do not share a common Book of Shadows or adhere to dogma.

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